Michelle Summers

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Michelle Summers

Your Signature Designs & Your Signature Hall & Events

Michelle Summers for 10 years worked as And Electrical Lighting designer until her passion for event planning and design came about. Her business in Event Planning and design started in 2011 but quickly developed a base of clients that would allow her to grow her business and become a full time event planner in May of 2015. Her passion for floral design allows her to create signature , unique designs and glamorous events. Michelle’s vision for The Floral Experience Conference came about when she desired to give more back to those who may need the extra inspiration, or just a kick start into what will become some of their new beginnings. Michells wants to give them the tools they need with this conference. Bringing together some of her industry friends from all over. Many of which are top designers and professionals that will create a unique conference like no other. Bringing piece by piece together to make sure everyone in attendance of the conference leaves with all the tools they need to take off and launch that business or just come to get rejuvenated and inspired. 


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March 10th

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March 11th

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